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About Paola

Welcome to the Journey

Hello Explorer, I'm Paola H Sanchez, travel photographer and tour operator specializing in audiovisuals photography and curated travels, in love with the world and its richness. I train myself  as Visual Ambassador and have the big purpose of promote and nurture a Visual Ambassadors Community. Thanks for being  here! 

Visual Ambassador is people like you and me, able to connect and create positive impact through travel and audiovisual language. It goes way beyond just carrying a camera or a phone and producing videos or photos. It is about to bond and learn  from cultures, transmitting  and receiving ideas that pursuit  changes. 


I am born and raised in Colombia  and bless by living in the fantastic city of Cartagena de Indias.  My degree is BSc in economics  however my vocation was oriented into media field (I  grew up surrounded by a television production company right at home, and that's where my journey into the world of visuals began.).

I'm absolutely passionate about traveling and exploring remote lands . There's nothing quite like immersing myself in different cultures and constantly learning from the places I visit. It never ceases to amaze me how each territory holds its own unique treasures. 

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Photography and audiovisual for me, is a lifestyle, it is a state of constant deconstruction of reality  and growth. A profession, a way of living that increasingly requires more vocation, empathy, and desire. 

In this website, you will find  a portfolio in different fields and areas such as Tourism, Advertising, Retreats Event Planning and  Audiovisual Production.  I am excited to know that we will work together  for pursuing your visual needs. Putting my creativity and skills at your service is a pleasure, lets meet up and start creating magic. 

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Have a Beautiful Day and remember Life is  Awesome, see you soon!


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