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Online Photo Classes

Online Photo Classes

Hello photo friend, it has been more than five years sharing knowledge with travelers, photographers, and enthusiasts. More than five years of personal, professional and academic growth.

I had been traveling, exploring the world, enriching myself with tools and methodologies to offer quality in content and  teaching.  Getting inspired and studying for helping you to improve your photo narrative skills.

In this journey, I had learned from others too, assisting to photo workshops, doing photo tours with experienced and great photographers and many other things. So now its time to photo mentor you by online classes and Talks

Welcome to the Visual Narrative Academy, the space for learn and enjoy Photography.

Photo Mentoring

Photo Classes will be one on one and in real time with a minimum frequency of one or two sessions per week, according to the flexibility of your time and of  Paola H Sanchez's work flow. The content and information will be personalized, based on your photo interest and level. I would love to hear from you and work together.

So, you might answer this question and fill the form in order to start this journey.

What level of photography are you at or do you consider yourself to be at?
Which subject you want to reinforce or deepen?
What is your purpose, your reason for studying photography?

Please fill out our form with the answers  your contact information, I will write you an email back with an agenda to work on.

What a pleasure to share with you, congratulations and welcome to the infinite possibilities of the photographic world.

Photo Talks

Photographic talks  created for companies of all sizes

Every day we consume more and more audiovisual content, which directly affects our actions and perception.

The  corporate photo talks we want to guide people to understand more about photography, how to communicate and how to understand those hidden messages of the audiovisual language. These talks are designed for all types of professionals and companies of different sizes.



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