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Audiovisual production

Audiovisual Production

Looking for a breathtaking travel video in Cartagena?

When it comes to capturing unforgettable travel memories in Cartagena, nothing quite compares to the power of video production. In this enchanting Colombian destination, every corner is steeped in history and vibrant culture. Our audiovisual team is ready  capture  the essence of your experience, while you visit the destination and immerse into the culture.

You can be a retreat planner, independent travel agent, company or solo travel,  we are ready to host you and  work hand in hand to develop your video travel  project.

Our video creation process contemplates the following phases

  • Film Idea and concept creation
  • Creation of script, narrative and art direction.
  • Field production
  • Post-production.

As  result and according to your personal needs you have a  final products of

  • 30- 60 second short clip
  • 3 minutes long clip

Here we love to capture memories by creating films, even we are based in Cartagena, my team and i are also happy to travel with you to another destination.  We are passionate for audiovisuals and know how important and inspirational  is a video for personal and commercial purposes. Contact us and send us your request

Video essence staff: Camera Man, Photographer, Drone Pilot, General Producer

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