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Audiovisual production

Audiovisual Production

Looking for a breathtaking travel video ?

Here we love to capture memories by creating films for your travels, We love the audiovisual language and all what we can experience with it.

My team and I are ready to host you and  work hand in hand to develop your  travel ideas and projects in four phases:

  • Film Idea and concept creation
  • Creation of script, narrative and art direction.
  • Field production
  • Post-production.

If you want to keep your memories in a different way, if you are an independent travel agent and want to promote a destination, if you are a travel agency, hotel or related to the industry, our creative team is ready to make your videographic project a reality.

In each phase we will be in complete communication understanding your commercial and audiovisual needs.

Staff: Camera Man, Photographer, Drone Pilot, General Producer

Final product

30-60 Second Short clip  + 3 Minutes  Long Clip

Let us know you request and we send you a quote

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